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Get your content discovered!

Quit being a victim of SEO rankings and algorithms.

We live in an age where the top content is always shown first. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more are guilty of it. This can really hurt small creators growth. There is a lot of great content out there that people never see.

Zelda Coalition can help! We are a user generated content site where Zelda creators of all sizes are allowed to post their work without having to use a login. The most recent content is always shown first, giving each creator a fair chance to be discovered. There is no ranking system that might persuade viewers to engage in once piece of content over the other. Vast networking opportunities are available which can lead to growth, collaboration, and idea generation.

Welcome to a Zelda site built by Zelda fans!

Zelda Coalition was created by Hick and Red of Two Guys Playing Zelda. It is a brand under TGPZ Media LLC.